Project Description

A unique experience.

Living and studying in Ireland for a while is a unique experience for international students to pick up or enhance their English language abilities and experience the vivid Irish culture in Europe… and maybe take home an Irish heart at the end and share it with their families and friends back home.

Programme Options.

There are various programme options ready to choose from – or even extend from one to the other, should the Irish way of life have captured you completely:

You can sign up staying for 1, 2 or 3 Irish school terms, a semester – aligned with your academic school year – or multiple years, aiming for Irish graduation.

If you wish to stay short term – such as 2, 3 or 4 weeks, please inquire for a competitive quote.

24 hours a day, 7 days a week – surrounded by English – represents a comprehensive immersion into the new language; may it be in class, in the host family or in your free time. Language and intercultural abilities will make you a very interesting applicant for a future employer or your admittance to a prestigious university.

During the exchange, students will thoroughly experience the culture of their new country, its customs, its people, its peculiarities; something that will open their minds and enrich them as people.

The world is growing smaller every day and we need to grow to be world citizens, taking responsibility for people, environments and developing intercultural understanding for different places around the world.

Let’s grow together as international friends and families! We ask our host families to treat the students like a family member, with all rights and duties, and we do ask the students to perform all efforts to do the same on their end.

If from one of our programmes you keep one friend for life, it has all been worth it already! A lifelong relationship is priceless. Our founders have experienced themselves how it feels when the next generations of family members continue the family friendships developed a generation ago. Come on, join in in one of these opportunities.

Spending time away from home for some time gives the students a very important advantage that will make a huge difference to their present and their future. Adding this milestone to their CV, never to be taken away again, will make them interesting cosmopolitans whose company everyone enjoys and achievements everyone highly respects.

They will have gained the tools for more sophisticated problem resolutions, independence and goal setting. Self-confidence, sociability, communication skills and teamwork abilities will have developed to a high level of interest to local, national or even international businesses.


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