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Private School

Studying abroad at a private school is a student’s ticket to a successful future, whether it is at their future job or at a Top University. Irish private schools are mainly characterized by the low student-teacher ratio, the excellent quality of their teachers and their sports facilities. There are co-ed private schools but also those for boys/girls only.

The small-sized classes at private schools allow students to have a more intense, specific, and stronger approach to their teachers. Teachers give a great importance to promoting not only a prestigious education, but also the personal development of each student, helping and supporting them both in and outside the classroom.

Among the main advantages of studying at a private school, we can find:

  • Its excellent curriculum and the wide range of subjects offered
  • Reduced-sized classes
  • Its outstanding facilities
  • The wide range of sport activities
  • An excellent reputation
  • The possibility to choose the type of private school and knowing in advance where you will be placed
  • We can choose the school according to your needs and preferences

Wanto to know more?

  • Search, vetting and careful selection of host families.
  • School fees.
  • Transfers at the beginning and end of the programme.
  • Option to attend activities and excursions with our partner.
  • Administrative costs in Ireland, local coordinator services, documentation.
  • Advice and support on the choice of subjects and the subsequent convalidation(if needed).
  • Student Handbook.
  • Guidance prior to departure in case of family accommodation.
  • 24-hour emergency telephone service in Ireland.
  • Mandatory health, liabiliy and baggage insurance.
  • Online system where students will type in periodical progress reports.
  • Round trip flights.
  • International air transport to / from Ireland.
  • School transportation and costs of such (appr. 80-150 Euro per month)
  • Student personal expenses (pocket money).
  • Meals at school.
  • Extra activities and excursions.
  • Books.
  • School Uniform.
  • Aged between 13 and 18
  • Reasonable knowledge of the English language. Ideally provided by test results (e.g. IELTIS test)
  • School grades of C-average or better.
  • A certain level of maturity required to face the challenges of becoming an international student.
  • Agree to the programme rules and standards of conduct of behaviour found outlined in the Student Handbook that will be provided to the student by their sending agent or during the orientation session of the programme.


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