Project Description

More and more students from all over the world go abroad as exchange students every year. Ireland is an ideal destination country for this big step! The educational and cultural enrichment offered by Irish student exchange experience is second to none. The hundreds of young people who come to Ireland each year say they have the time of their lives.

Ireland is an island with the most extraordinary landscapes in the world. Depending on where your host family lives, you can see many of the different facets that our wonderful country has to offer. The green midlands, the lake regions, the cliffs overlooking the sea, have all played a part in creating the inspiring tales of Celtic culture. Nature is the dominant force that has shaped Ireland, but there are also interesting cities to visit during your stay.

Our country is a very safe place and offers – besides its wonderful landscapes and bustling cities –   excellent schools and the most welcoming people. We are very family-oriented folks and we love to have a joke, which we refer to as „having the craic”. Our carefully chosen host families will make sure that students feel very comfortable and looked after. On their return home, they will see the world from a new perspective, will have gained an understanding of Irish culture, and their host family will hopefully has become their ‘second family’ as lifelong friendships and bonds are formed.


It is a friendly and safe country

The kindness and hospitality of our Irish families will make students have an unforgettable experience and feel at home.

It is an accessible destination

It is a destination easily accessible from European countries and with great flight connections from non-European ones.

It is an affordable destination

We offer very competitive prices while still maintaining a high standard.

An incomparable natural environment

Valleys, hills, mountains and forests turn the island into one of the most beautiful landscapes in Europe.

Great cultural exchange

There is nothing better than learning English immersed in the lifestyle and culture of the country.

Wide variety of schools

Public. private or boarding; for girls, for boys or mixed.

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