Project Description

Immerse yourself in the Irish culture by living with a Host Family

Our team of iE Ireland carefully selects families according to the characteristics and needs of each student. Our Irish families stand out for their kindness and excellent relationship with the student. At iE Ireland, we believe that the host family is the key to a successful exchange.

One of the most important elements of a country is its people. We often hear that others characterize us by our great friendliness, hospitality and intense social life that makes this our country an ideal destination for international students.

By living with a host family, you will become one more member of their home. You will be able to experience first hand the Irish lifestyle and culture. This means you will have the same responsibilities and obligations as the rest of the family. From iE Ireland, we will give you all the support you need in order to get used to the new environment. We will stay in contact with your host family and will work together as a team to help you with the process: they will soon become your second home and will always be there for you.

All families are visited and selected by our coordinators to ensure that our students will lives a pleasant, and welcoming experience in which they can feel at home. It is important that the student is aware that he/she will be treated as a member of the family, following the family rules imposed there. Irish families are usually warm hearted, friendly, hospitable, and catholic, and will try to get the student involved in their activities and routines. In some cases families decide to host more than one student, which we call a double placement. These students must have different nationalities and different native languages.

There are many different types of families that participate in the programme: with children, without children, separated, divorced, younger or older, and have different religious affiliations.

The family will provide full board accommodation consisting of breakfast, packed lunch (the student can replace this by buying a meal at school) and dinner.


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