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Here you can find answers to the most common questions about the programmes

With International Experience Ireland the students have the advantage of being able to choose between the different regions of Ireland, cities or schools (extra cost).

One of the most important aspects of student exchange will be your host family. This is why we have dedicated staff that get to know all of our host families very well before we let them host our students. Therefore, International Experience Ireland is responsible for presenting your profile to potential the host families who will welcome our students, taking into account their preferences and needs to try to make them feel at home and comfortable with their environment. In the end, a family will choose who fits best into their family.

It is always nice to see how we celebrate our holidays and you are very welcome to stay with us. Nonetheless, students can choose to either go back home or stay with their host families during the holidays. If they decide to go home, we are happy to help arrange transfers, but the costs of transport and flights have to be covered by the natural parents.

Ireland in general is a very safe country and the safety of our students is a top priority. That is why we look for possible host families and schools in medium or small-sized cities as well as rural areas, which offer safer environments.

There are many of us who look after the students and you can contact us any time, however, the first call should always go to your host family or to your local coordinator, who will be there for anything you might need. We have a 24 hour emergency number students and agents can call.

We try to secure your placement as early as possible. However, there are many people and institutions involved that each have their own regulations (schools etc.) that most students receive their placement information approximately 3-7 weeks prior to departure. Please note that data from both the host family and the school can be received up to a few days before the student’s departure. This sometimes happens since the family selection and enrolment process in the school require a lot of time. Please be assured that a later placement says absolutely nothing about your application or the quality of school and host family.

Changing families has to always be ultimately justified and should be the very last resource. In most cases, conflicts arise from misunderstandings or during the process of adaptation, where both the student and his new family are getting to know each other. However, these things are not uncommon to happen and effort from both the student and the family needs to be put into the relationship in order for it to be successful. iED will always help mediate and WE will decide if a change is really necessary.

We encourage our students to see a lot of Ireland during their stay. We are very proud of our country and a lot of host families will take their students to sights nearby. However, International Experience Ireland has a huge responsibility for our students which is why we do not want them to travel large distances by themselves. All planned trips should be discussed with the host family and International Experience Ireland and need prior written approval. Travelling with the host family is of course allowed.

It is mandatory that students travel with a HEALTH INSURANCE CARD. International Experience Ireland offers medical insurance, with a wide coverage for medical consultations and hospitalizations.
However, it is important that students travel with their EUROPEAN HEALTH INSURANCE CARD.


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