Project Description

Boarding School

Through this programme, iE Ireland gives students the opportunity to live the experience of studying abroad and growing as individuals in a new cultural environment, discovering a new culture, learning and mastering a language, and making lifelong friends.

The concept of these fantastic schools is simple and convincing: small classes, highly qualified faculty and an extensive educational programme. This environment promotes the student’s social skills, as well as many educational opportunities. This will help to fully develop the student’s personal growth, in order to gain confidence in his own abilities, learn to exercise self-control and discipline, as well as to present a high level of performance. An outstanding performance is recognized by both the teachers and peers.

Nowadays, mastering more than one language and global thinking are determining factors in the personal development of students. After studying abroad for a year, students learn not only to express themselves perfectly well in a new language, but to create ties with other students from all over the world, which broadens their horizons and favors their tolerance and independence in the real world.

It is a unique opportunity in life to start establishing a network of international contacts that can be of great help to their professional future.

Life in Boarding Schools

Students at a Boarding school have a clearly structured schedule: the day begins with a good breakfast, after that, at 08:30, they have time to study, religious service (if applicable) or they may start the day lessons. Boarding schools offer the students the possibility of choosing their electives and courses appropriate for their academic level or future goals. A school counselor will supervise and help the participants with their choices.

Lunch time usually happens between 13:00 and 14:00

During the evenings, students can participate in sports and extracurricular activities. Dinner usually takes place between 17:30 and 18:30. After that, students have time to rest, study, shower or socialize, before going to bed and get ready for the next day.

It is important to note that punctuality is one of the most important aspects of the program, that is why it is essential to comply with the school schedule. If a student fails to respect the times, he might get a warning and even a punishment. The same might apply to the school rules. Repeated fail in following the school rules might end resulting in the expulsion from the school.

Your extended family

The dorms at boarding schools will always offer activities for students; they will have the best comprehensive service guaranteed. Here, the school community is their “family”: they are immersed in a a varying group of peers, like-minded people and caregivers with whom they will spend a lot of time, whether it is in the classroom, during sport activities or other group activities. At a boarding school, it is guaranteed that our students will always be well taken care of.

Your school community

The community at boarding schools consists of a very close “team”. They all live together in the dorms, they share classes, they play sports together, they spend days, nights and even weekends together. Moreover, each boarding school has older students who play the “big brother” role and take care of their younger peers. Another important thing in the everyday life at boarding schools, are the “dorm parents” who live on campus and take care of the students’ well-being.

Your teachers and caregivers

A very important part of the school community is their teachers, many of whom also live on campus with their families. The relationship between students and teachers at boarding schools is generally very friendly, since teachers spend much more time with their students than in any other school system. In fact, teachers are very interested in not only the students’ academic performance but also in their personal well-being and development. Students will always have a tutor or adult who will give them constant advice and support; from the moment they come into the school new and are choosing their subjects, until graduation.

  • School fees.
  • Transfers at the beginning and end of the programme.
  • Option to attend activities and excursions with our partner.
  • Administrative costs in Ireland, local coordinator services, documentation.
  • Advice and support on the choice of subjects and the subsequent convalidation(if needed).
  • Student Handbook.
  • Guidance prior to departure.
  • 24-hour emergency telephone service in Ireland.
  • Mandatory health, liabiliy and baggage insurance.
  • Online system where students will type in periodical progress reports.
  • Round trip flights.
  • International air transport to / from Ireland.
  • School transportation and costs of such (appr. 80-150 Euro per month)
  • Student personal expenses (pocket money).
  • Meals at school.
  • Extra activities and excursions.
  • Books.
  • School Uniform.
  • Students aged between 13 and 18
  • Reasonable knowledge of the English language. Ideally provided by test results (e.g. IELTIS test)
  • School grades of C-average or better.
  • A certain level of maturity required to face the challenges of becoming an international student.
  • Agree to the programme rules and standards of conduct outlined in the Student Handbook that will be provided to the student by their sending agent or during the orientation session of the programme.


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