international Experience Ireland is a fairly new Irish exchange organisation, combining decades of experience in international student exchange, living a completely different, very individual approach to such programmes.

The main difference is clear focus on the student’s experience in Ireland. We want this experience to turn into the best of their lives. Also we support their personal growth, mature and broadening of their horizons to a different culture. We don’t want to simply “administer” their stay in Ireland but lead and guide them on how to get themselves immersed into everyday life of an Irish teenager in a family and in school.

While taking this very individual approach to the students and their needs our services and processes are designed in a professional way, aimed for safety and welfare for the students and accurate, and fast delivery of trustworthy information to international agents and parents

With all our experience we provide the infrastructural platform for the students from which they can grow and develop their relationships to a new, well prepared host family and their members as well as the peer group in their school. Following our proposals, activities and instructions will support the students and the hosting families to living together, treating each other with dignity and respect as well as developing a high level of satisfaction on both ends.

Picking up the English language in such a personal environment will ensure a soft landing in Ireland in terms of learning about, adapting to and immersing in the Irish culture, which consists of friendliness, happiness, dedication, a lot of music and many great Irish folks being proud to present our wonderful country to these young ladies and gentlemen who hopefully make some great Irish friends for life.


Please contact us any time and we will be happy to inform you about everything we have to offer

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Virginia/ Co Cavan